Spill the bill – why you should tell your retailer what you have to spend on a new kitchen

When a retailer asks; How much do you want to spend on your new kitchen? Your guard may come up but don’t panic!  Read on to find out why actually telling your kitchen retailer your budget may actually benefit you.

Firstly it’s a good idea to do some research to understand how much a newly fitted kitchen may cost. The average cost these days is anywhere from £15k upwards and can vary greatly depending on the choices you make. Choosing to use a local kitchen retailer like us at KLR Interiors will give you a safe place to discuss your budget and in turn we will work with you to deliver a beautiful and creative kitchen for you to enjoy for years to come.

From the offset when looking at a new kitchen it can often be overwhelming with the amount of choice on the market and also its price tag. A solid quartz worktop for example can range greatly in price and if the retailer doesnt know your budget then you may end up with an eye-watering quote which doesn’t match your budget and leave you deflated. We believe you should be excited at the prospect of a new kitchen – whatever your budget.

The advantage of choosing to go with a retailer like us at KLR Interiors we have the advantage of not being tied down to one particualr supplier. This then gives us wriggle room to fit in within your budget. Larger chain retailers generally dont have this advantage so your budget may not stretch to cover all that you need.

For the retailer knowing what your budget is allows your designer to show you what you can accommodate in your kitchen whilst still maintaining a good look and functional space. It also allows the designer to also not put in front of you products which will flood your budget. Its easy to go into a showroom and fall in love with all the high end door styles or appliances. Telling your designer your budget at the start of the process will allow them to navigate you to products which will work for you.

Before starting the process of visiting showrooms do some research and think about whats important to you in your kitchen. You will have different priorities in your dream kitchen space so keep those at the forefront of your mind when working out your budget. Whether that be a Quooker hot tap, venting hob or more storage space you can realistically tick the boxes on those priority options and then choose sensibly with other items to make it all fit.
Again by keeping your retailer in the loop they will be able to make this work for you. With our customers we find that by knowing the budget coupled with the priority items it helps us to fill in the gaps with everything else and still deliver on a quality kitchen design to suit your budget with no nasty surprises!
What else to consider
With most new kitchen projects these days generally there needs to be other works carried out. The way we live now calls for open space in the kitchen as its not just a room where we cook. The hub of the home warrants family space, workspace, and a space to entertain. Most projects require some kind of building, electrics and plumbing work to be carried out so it’s a good idea to have an understanding of this when calculating your budget.
Also consider your flooring and the costs involved with that. Most independent kitchen retailers will be able to guide you on this and also will more than likely have local companies they can recommend to carry this out for you.

There are so many benefits of choosing to work with a local specialist kitchen retailer and one of them is that it will allow you to get more from your budget. There’s stigma around telling a business your budget but don’t fear it as it can benefit all parties and also cut out a lot of time during the planning process. Knowing from the offset what you have to play with will determine what a good designer will show you.

If you would like to find out what we do to fit within your budget get in touch or call into our Studley showroom to see what we can offer. We have access to lots of different door styles, appliances and worktops to make it work for you.

We are passionate about designing and installing Beautiful, Affordable and Creative kitchens.

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