5 Successful steps to buying a new kitchen

Deciding to purchase a new kitchen will be undoubtedly one of the biggest purchases you will make for your home. To be able to have your dream kitchen to enjoy for years to come can be both exciting and completely overwhelming at the same time.

Theres lots to consider and take in so from the offset so its good to have an understanding and clear road map so your dreams can come to reality without any uneccessary stress.

KLR Interiors Studley believe you should be excited and inspired by the prospect of designing and installing your dream kitchen. By choosing to go with an independent specialist retailer it allows a personal touch and one you will reap benefit from.

A good place to start is at the beginning!

Right at the start of the process resist diving into social media accounts of kitchen refits and stop and think about your existing kitchen. Think about what you like and what you dont like. This will then allow you to draw up a pre-requisite list of whats important to you. An experienced kitchen designer will listen to your needs and design your kitchen accordingly. A great advantage of choosing a truly bespoke supplier is that you get what fits around you and not the other way round.

Everyone will have a unique check list when it comes to a new kitchen. Whatever your space or desire follow these top tips to set you up for success!

1. Budget
It sounds an obvious one but so many people will rush into the process without actually knowing what they have to spend. Have a clear idea of what you can afford and go from there. This will allow you to make informed choices when you are visiting retailers and obtaining quotes. A good retailer wont be hold back in asking what your budget is and dont be afraid to tell them.This will allow them to draw up a design and quote which can suit your needs and your budget.
2. Storage
If our space is tidy and organised then we find we are, right? So its really important to understand what storage you need. In any busy kitchen its imperative to have everything to hand to ease even the busiest of mornings. Visiting an independant kitchen retailer will allow you to touch and feel storage options to work out the best for you. There is an abundance of choice on the market is aimed to solve a storage solution. Think about what works well for you – whether that be open shelves, pull out corner solutions or a favourite at KLR Interiors the BLUM Space tower.
3.Worktop space
Our kitchens are used for so much more than cooking these days so its important to ensure your surface space is designed in a way to maximise the potential you have. Take the time in planning out your space to ensure it works both functionally and aesthetically.
Thinks about the proximity of your appliances to workspace making access between them as simple as possible. You will probably hear retailers talk about the ‘kitchen triangle’ which relates to this.
4. Appliances
The choice on the market for appliances is huge and can vary greatly in price. A kitchens worth of applianes will take up a chunk of your budget so its a good idea to think about what you want. You can either make a feature of your appliances with stand out colours and features or you can use sleek minimal deisgns to blend into your look.
Choosing a reliable brand is also a good move- you will want your appliances to last for years to come so dont compromise here.
Induction hobs are a good choice when it comes to hobs and increasingly superceedding other options such as gas. Induction hobs with vents built into them work well in an island to keep cooking odour to a minimum whilst cooking.
There is a wide variety of choice of ovens on the market with different specifications to suit. Higher spec models will have various functions such as steam oven, pizza settings and even self cleaning which comes in handy in any busy home. Using various appliances together either stacked or side by side can be incorporated at the design stage so that it works well for you.
Refridgeration is often overlooked but by choosing wisely can keep your food fresher for longer using vegetable drawers so in turn will reduce food was
Also consider your flooring and the costs involved with that. Most independent kitchen retailers will be able to guide you on this and also will more than likely have local companies they can recommend to carry this out for you.

5. Lighting

Lighting can really cement the finishing touches to your new kitchen and aslo enable it to work even better for you. Choosing to have task lighting to aide preparation work alongside lighting in pantry cupboards will make working all the more easier.

Standard lighting such as under cupboard lighting will add ambience to the room which works well especilly when wanting to relax and unwind after a busy day.

Talk to your retailer about what lighting they can supply and how it will fit into your design – dont let it be a decision that gets overlooked which can easily happen at the start of the process.

With all of the above in mind at KLR Interiors we never lose sight that purhcasing a new kitchen should be an exciting time. Yes there is lots to consider and can carry a high price tag. In the hands of an experienced designer and installer which we are we will guide you through and ensure you get your dream kitchen which works well for you for years to come.

Get in touch with us today to start your journey with us and lets get excited!

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