Kitchen Design – getting your storage right

We all know it, we walk into our friends kitchens and are often in awe – there is normally one thing which stands out – great storage! Getting your kitchen storage right, can help transform those overfilled cupboards, whilst helping keep your new kitchen fresh. So what are the next storage trends that you need to know about for your West Midlands, Warwickshire or Worcestershire home.
At KLR Interiors, we pride ourselves on working with out clients to find the best looking yet practical solution to keep your kitchen looking simply beautiful. Whether a classic look with detailing or something more modern and contemporary our team will provide you with the right ideas to inspire. It doesn’t have to be on trend – it just needs to work for your home and your needs!
We do however, like to keep abreast of what is on trend, there are always new innovative design ideas and products available.

So the minimalist kitchen has been around for a while, but the latest trend in Kitchen storage takes this one step forward with an aim to hide as much of the kitchen furniture as possible. With push-touch opening or recessed mechanisms this allows cabinets to blend seamlessly into the background.
Mix and match kitchen cabinet ideas come with a flexible approach utilising freestanding furniture to hide appliances, sinks and hobs. Fitting with the very en-vogue “Shabby CHIC” movement mixing it up isn’t for everyone.
If you have an unusual shaped room it doesn’t need to stop you having a stylish kitchen layout. This is really where our bespoke kitchen design service really comes into its own – we work to meet your needs but also unlike off the shelf solutions we can work with the shape of the room can create opportunities to add in additional kitchen storage. Curved calls can have bespoke shelving added for example to give it a unique look and feel.
Ribbed and fluted glass designs add character and depth to a Kitchen unit, whilst especially in the case of fluted glass offers a degree on concealment so you don’t need to keep your cupboards always immaculate. Decorative Glass also breaks up the harshness of a kitchen unit whilst its reflection and refraction adds a bit extra especially when combined with cleaver lighting.

We are always looking for that little extra opportunity to add storage. Ceiling-mounted storage is a great way to add additional storage, especially for keeping your essentials in easy reach. Again the effect can be improved by the use of LED or specialist lighting solutions.
Remember your kitchen is “YOUR KITCHEN” – don’t just settled for the standard. Working with a company like KLR Interiors on providing you with a bespoke kitchen is the best solution. Our team will work with you to design and install a kitchen which becomes the focal point of your home. 
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