KLR Interiors Working with Inspirational Brands

At KLR Interiors we are proud to be associated with trusted suppliers that add exceptional ingredients to your kitchen mix. We believe that a choice of dishwasher, sink, or storage solution is as important as the door style or colour.

Our aim throughout the design process is to ensure your kitchen not only looks beautiful, but that it also functions uniquely for you and your needs.  As with our kitchen furniture, we want the components such as appliances, worktops, lighting, sinks and taps to offer a sense of high quality and longevity.  We have carefully selected suppliers to offer you a wide range of choice, with confidence.

Cosentino are leaders in the production and distribution of revolutionary surfaces including Dekton, Silestone, and Sensa.

We are an elite premium supplier and have a great choice of styles and finishes to choose from to give your kitchen the perfect top. We can happily talk you through the differences in they styles on offer and Pete is always keen to demonstrate how some of the surfaces perform!

Bosch and Neff are one of the world’s leading producers of domestic appliances offering a new generation of high performance products. From energy efficient refrigeration, dishwasher, home laundry and cooking products.

Bosch and Neff home appliances are built to ease the burden of daily household chores. Constantly developing new ways to reduce energy and water usage while maintaining product performance and efficiency helps to conserve the planet as well as save customers money in lower running costs.
We always endeavour to have the latest models on display in our showroom to help you make the important choice on what is best for you.
When we show our customers a Quooker Hot Water tap they want a Quooker tap! With a Quooker in your home you always have instant access to 100 degree boiling water. And that’s really useful. No more filling a pan or a kettle with water and having to wait – just 100 degree boiling water from the tao within a second.
Its perfect if you want to make a cup of tea, cook pasta, blanch vegetables, rinse that greasy oven dish or even prepare a babys bottle.
We work closely with Quooker and can provide a technician to ensure your tap is fitted perfectly ready for the first use.

Blum, a market leader in door mechanisms and storage offers high Tech Furniture fittings for modern living worlds. From a simple hinge to their very clever space tower their products ensure that behind your beautiful doors your kitchen does what is needs to do! Having the correct solution to every storage need makes our life so much easier.

It’s always worth thinking about where you store your kitchen items such as groceries, pots and pans, cleaning products, tableware to make the most of the space you have and the items you need on a daily basis.

We work with Sensio lighting as their unique LED lighting collection is tailored specially for the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom market. Lighting a room isn’t just an accessory but a necessity.

The correct lighting can transform a room design and we take this into account when at the design stage. All the displays in our showroom have complimentary lighting so you can see for yourself the difference it can make.

Elica Cooker hoods are the market leaders, not only in design but technology too.

Elica believes that the air inside every house can be designed. Their products are full of technological innovations and are unique.
No other manufacturer offers the vast portfolio of hoods and more importantly, Elica offers some of the most powerful and quietest hoods available for the domestic market. Our showroom includes the stunning InterStellar Chandelier hood and also the very clever NikolaTesla hob and hood combination. Seeing is believing and we will show you how very special this piece of kit is as we have a working model on display in our showroom.

Whatever your space, Amtico brings you a versatile choice of flooring to effortlessly create the look you want. We have access to a large choice of samples and finishes to complement your new kitchen or bedroom palette.

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