(Last revised February 2018)

  1. “The Company” and “We” means KLR Interiors Limited, currently trading from 21b Alcester Road, Studley, B80 7AG
  2. “The Customer” and “You” means the person, firm or company purchasing the goods.
  3. A contract will come into effect between the company and the customer when a quotation has been accepted and a deposit is paid.
  4. Whist we will do our best to deliver and install within the timescales indicated to you, we shall not be liable for any loss or delay.
  5. The customer will be responsible for insurance of all goods once they have been delivered to site.
  6. All kitchen materials may have slight variations in colour, grain or texture and, in accordance with our specification, will be deemed acceptable by you.
  7. Title to the goods shall not pass to you until the goods are paid for in full. We therefore reserve the right to remove the goods, whether installed or otherwise, if they are not paid for in accordance with the contract between us.
  8. No employee or agent of KLR Interiors has authority to make any oral representation or alteration concerning the price, nature of quality of the company’s products or services unless confirmed by the company in writing.
  9. The Works to be carried out will be as per the specification agreed. All illustrations are for demonstration purposes only and this not a sale by sample only.
  10. Plastering, painting, decorating, flooring and tiling are not included in the quotation unless expressly stated. Please refer to individual quote.
  11. The Customer warrants that the premises are structurally suitable for the installation proposed. Unless otherwise stated our quotation for fitting assumes that the kitchen is cleared so far as is possible and any items to be retained are removed by the customer.
  12. Existing wall tiles and floor coverings must be removed, suitably located hot and cold water supplies and drainage must be provided and stop taps must be accessible and in good working order.
  13. In the event of plastering works being undertaken, customers must be aware that ‘patch up’ plastering may not be suitable for over painting.
  14. If applicable, a suitably located gas supply point must be available. All pilot lights must be correctly turned off. It is the customers’ responsibility to relight all pilot lights. In the event that these conditions are not met we reserve the right to make an additional charge for any works necessary to enable the installation to proceed.
  15. The customer shall give employees of KLR Interiors and their agents access to the premises at all reasonable times for the purpose of inspecting the same, delivering and installation.
  16. If required by KLR Interiors the customer shall make sufficient space available prior to delivery for the kitchen to be stored between delivery and commencement of installation.
  17. Your plan, with the exception of supply only, will be checked again before manufacture, small changes in size may be made in the interest of obtaining a satisfactory fit.
  18. In the case of supply only, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the installer used is competent and adequately qualified to install rigid kitchen units and appliances. KLR Interiors can accept no liability for faulty goods as a result of poor fitting.
  19. We reserve the right to exchange goods for others of a similar specification in the event of unavailability.
  20. We reserve the right to amend the quotation and plan in the event of any unforeseen circumstances arsing or problems manifesting themselves upon installation.
  21. Customers are advised to check all sizes on plans and listings prior to ordering. We accept no liability for goods not fitting or being suitable in the case of supply only.
  22. In the event of orders placed from architects plans (extensions, modifications and new builds) the customer is responsible for checking that built sizes after plastering comply exactly with the final kitchen plan sizes given. We strongly advise that customers continuously monitor and check sizing, and advise of any discrepancy in good time for alterations to be made prior to manufacture.
  23. We accept no liability for goods not fitting if internal dimensions have changed without ample notification. Any on-site modifications will incur an additional charge.
  24. Where the customer undertakes to supply items or appliances it is their responsibility to ensure they are the correct size and specification. They must be available on site at the commencement of the installation. If for any reason the customer fails to have them available, causing the installation work to be delayed, any resultant cost incurred by KLR Interiors must be borne by the customer. KLR Interiors will refuse to install graded appliances.
  25. Customers supplying machines or equipment requiring power points, plumbing or venting, must ensure that this work is mentioned in the quotation and that they have supplied with the machine/equipment the relevant installation/venting kits.
  26. Where the quotation includes the ducting of an appliance or installation of a waste disposal unit, we reserve the right to withdraw or amend this option if installation proves to be impractical or unsuitable.
  27. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide a skip to allow for the safe disposal of existing kitchen units, worktop, all appliances and all packaging. Should the customer wish to keep existing kitchen units/appliances ect. This must be made clear to KLR Interiors at point of sale, as additional costs may be incurred. KLR Interiors will not be liable for any damage to existing kitchen units / appliances during their removal.
  28. It is the customer’s responsibility to contact the local council to arrange collection of unwanted refrigerators and freezers.
  29. We will endeavour to minimise inconvenience to the customer at all times, however by nature of the work we cannot be held liable for accidental damage, however caused, to existing property. Customer retaining existing floor covering or wall tiling must be aware that patching up work may be required before and/or after installation.
  30. Electrical points must be correctly positioned to suit plan and of a suitable loading for appliances.
  31. Should the customer wish to make changes to the order they are subject to the approval of KLR Interiors, any costs and/or delays incurred by KLR Interiors arising form such changes must be borne by the customer.
  32. Payment is to be made by the way of £2500.00 deposit of the total order. Second Payment must be by way of cleared funds and is due 1 week before the start date. A third Payment will be payable on template of solid surfaces (if applicable). With a final payment of £1000.00 payable in full on completion of works unless stated differently. Any extra-over costs will be added to the second payment. In case of price increases the customer will be notified and given the opportunity to make payment to avoid.
  33. You have 7 calendar days from the date of the agreement to cancel your order if an order has been confirmed in your home, in accordance with Door Step Selling Regulations.
  34. Deposit are non-refundable except in extenuating circumstances, to be decided at KLR Interiors discretion.
  35. In the event of cancellation, and/or delay, charges will be applicable in accordance with the stage of your order, to indemnify us against all loses. Additional charged for administration, design works and/or fitting costs, including the lost time, may be applied at our discretion. You are required to confirm your reason for cancellation in writing and send it by recorded delivery to KLR Interiors 21b Alcester Road, Studley, B80 7AG.
  36. Full balance payment for goods will become due if installation / delivery is delayed by more than 4 weeks from installation date given.
  37. All furniture, and certain appliances, are specifically manufactured to order only and therefore cannot be returned for refund. All other equipment returned for credit or exchange must be complete and in original packaging and will be subject to a 30% restocking charge.
  38. No claims for damaged goods will be accepted unless notification is given in writing at KLR Interiors 21b Alcester Road, B80 7AG within 10 days of delivery or final installation.
  39. All items supplied are covered by individual manufacturers warranties, which are effective from the date of delivery / installation. Installation is guaranteed for 12 months from the completion.
  40. Laminate worktops and wooden worktops are not guaranteed against damaged caused by water ingress of water. We recommend that timber worktops are oiled every 6-8 weeks for the first year, or as and when is deemed necessary. A good guide to judge whether it is required, is using small beads of water. If they sit on the surface of the worktop without soaking in, then the timber is sufficiently protected.
  41. In the case of supply only we recommend Rustin’s Danish Oil as this product is food safe for the kitchen environment. Each wooden worktop will require 3 coats on the top and bottom and 6 on the edges, with dying time in between each coat. Depending on the temperature and humidity of the room, this can take up to 6 hours. Re-oil cut edges before installation.
  42. We recommend that all worktops are oiled immediately upon receipt. Installation should be carried out as soon as possible after delivery. However if storage is necessary, after oiling, the worktops must be laid flat and fully supported in their original packaging. Worktops must not be placed directly onto the floor, instead separate the floor and the worktops with battens. Battens must be used to separate multiple worktops stored together. Make sure the storage are is indoors, has stable humidity, and will not be subject to extremes of temperatures